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關於子杰 子杰廣告製作有限公司提供的製造和安裝各種類型的內部和外部招牌/廣告工程。根據多年的豐富經驗和良好的管理策略,我們能承擔任何規模的廣告工程,保持有效率的生產和管理控制子杰廣告製作有限公司從產品供應,招牌製造和安裝都參與其中,包括貼紙安裝,電力工作。即使是日常維護工作和清潔也是我們關注的問題。為了控制時間成本的緣故,從一開始我們已經準備好我們的直接技術團隊。由經驗豐富的製作人員,焊工,安裝人員,貼紙技工及註冊電工組成。作為一個專業的,可靠的公司,我們承諾為客戶提供優質的產品,並收取你一個合理的價格。客戶的滿意是我們的首要任務。






About Chi Kit Chi Kit Advertising Production Limited offers a wide range of manufactures and installs various types of internal and external signage/advertising works.Based on years of ample experience and good management strategy, we are sure of taking on advertising projects of any scale, maintaining supreme quality of production and management control Chi Kit Advertising Production Limited can play the roles from products supply, signage manufacturing & installations, including from sticker installation to electricity work. Even for the daily maintenance work & cleansing are also our concern. For the sake of controlling time cost, we have prepared our direct technical team right from the start. They are consisted of experienced fabricator, welder, installers, sticker engineman & registered electrician. As a professional and reliable company, we promise to provide quality products and charge you a reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is our priority.