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Angela C. PARIS 安琪莉兒時裝批發

本店是經營流行時裝(女裝)批發, 以創立自家品牌【Angela C.】作主線, 貨品為【歐日】款式風格。

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    🔥本店是經營流行時裝(女裝)批發, 以創立自家品牌【Angela C.】作主線, 貨品為【歐日】款式風格。


Company ProfileOur shop specialized in producing and wholesaling of women’s Pret a Porter, 

established main line label "Angela C". Our products are based on European-Japanese designs and trends,   



貨品為【歐日】款式風格, 款式時尚價錢實惠, 以連身裙、上衣、針織Tee、長褲、窄身褲、外套、褸為主。

1) 春夏裝 

- 質料以真絲雪紡、絲棉、針織、雪紡紗、棉及彈性料等。

2) 秋冬裝

 - 質料以針織、彈性料、棉料、毛冷、毛絨及防水料等。

Products descriptionProducts are uniquely European

-Japanese styled, contemporary designs yet reasonably priced. Dress, Tops, Trousers, Legging,  Knitwear, Jacket and Coat are our main focus

1) Spring/Summer Collection 

- Materials such as silk, chiffon, knit, viscose, cotton and stretch fabrics, etc

2) Autumn/Winter Collection 

- Materials such as knit, stretch fabric, cotton, wool, velvet and waterproofs, etc