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👉嘉泓顧問有限公司(Colman Li Consulting Ltd.)


為香港知名的保險經紀公司,  一直以來都專精於高資產客戶的資產規劃及保險核保, 公司業務遍佈於世界各地✨。

截至2010年底,嘉泓累計保單保額超過美金30億。 嘉泓長期且卓越的業績績效👍,來自於客戶的肯定,更建立與保險公司密不可分的合作關係。 




☀️Colman Li Consulting Limited (former name: Colman Li Agency) was founded by Mr. Colman Li in 1999 and is one of the premier HNW insurance brokerage companies in Hong Kong👍.Our core business is meeting the unique life insurance needs of high net worth individuals and business owners in Asia. we are one of the registered member of Hong Kong Professional Insurance Brokerage Association and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Hong Kong🙋.